ATICA: Affiliated Timber Investment Conversion Advisors, Inc.


Creating & supporting family wage jobs in the timber industry!

We often hear the question, "What's in a name?" Here at Atica, we truly believe that our name represents who we are, what we stand for, what we do and more importantly, why we do what we do.

Atica offers an incredible resource pool of highly trained, experienced and skilled Timber Investment Conversion Advisors to assist our clients, as well as our client's clients, to efficiently convert their timber resources into tangible and realizable marketable value.

Atica provides support services in the areas of forestry consulting (including certified forestry), timberland hardwood plantation, softwood plantation, and natural standing timber, sawmills, lumber and marketing that clearly focus on building measurable and delivered value among institutional investors.

Atica works together with our clients - one step at a time, to assist them in custom development and implementation of World Class Executive Dashboards, Procedures & Protocols that I) Define, II) Measure & III) Improve upon three Powerful Business Drivers:

  • Customer focused - Value derived assurance systems
  • Log-To-Lumber conversion yield efficiencies
  • Risk-To-Return simulation benchmark control systems

For over 20 years Atica's affiliates have been providing a full spectrum of bottom line, solution focused services to operators, managers and institutional investors of forestlands, sawmills, bio-fuel driven electrical co-generation plants and systems, water conversion/purification plants and other green-to-market conversion processes. Each and every affiliate brings incredible practical hands on experience and professional know how throughout the entire international timber supply chain.

From our perspective, forestry consulting includes seedling genetics and agro-forestry research at the university level ... tree forestry including serving as our client's forestry consultant on plantations and certified forests ... to designing, constructing and operating new hardwood and softwood sawmills ... to delivering factual based risk/return operating profile assessment reports ... to upgrading older sawmill output productivity and finally ... to international marketing, Atica's bottom line, value-driven passion is to assist each and every one of our clients to:

  • Define, Prioritize, Benchmark & Mitigate their Investment Risk (beta Profile)
  • Optimize their Returns (alpha) throughout the entire "Woodlot-to-Market" Supply Chain Process.

Our approach and passion on every project we accept is to produce readily recognizable value on a daily basis. That is our guarantee. However, the real value we attempt to offer our clients rarely gets recorded in any financial statement, IE:

  • To create and preserve family paying jobs within the country's local economy.
  • To inspire a community base of hope, trust and belief in their future.
  • To co-facilitate a healthy economic reality for the people, their children and their future.