ATICA: Affiliated Timber Investment Conversion Advisors, Inc.

Affiliate Listing

  • Gary Cantrell:
    GLC Lumber Production Consulting Inc.
    ~ Mill feasibility & design, risk assessment & due diligence
  • Laurie Cantrell:
    GLC Lumber Production Consulting Inc.
    ~ CIO GLC Lumber Production Consulting Inc.
  • Gordon Campbell:
    Gordon L. Campbell Consulting
    ~ Advisory services in optimizing softwood/hardwood dry kiln design and operations; waste water
  • Stacy Carhart:
    T&L Enterprising, LLC
    ~ Electrical & control design, construction management
  • Brian Cotton:
    IT Consultant
    ~ Computer specialist & network connectivity
  • Laércio Couto:
    Tecflora Brazil
    ~ Research, forestry & plantation agro-forestry
  • Scott Emmert:
    Sawpro Inc.
    ~ Saw design, mill systems alignment & start-up, saw filing
  • Floyd Gustafson:
    Gustafson Engineers
    ~ Power systems, boilers & cogeneration projects
  • David Gutchess:
    Gutchess International
    ~ Lumber marketing & sales, international distribution
  • Douglas Jacobson:
    Jacobson Consulting
    ~ Managerial accounting & business partnering
  • John Katchia Jr:
    Katchia Consulting
    ~ Sawmill operations management specialist
  • Ian Lindsay:
    TLF Resources
    ~ Forest opportunity evaluation, financial optimization from the forest to market
  • Richard Loew:
    Richard Loew Consulting
    ~ Supply chain QA, process assessment, and benchmarked improvements
  • Gary Logsdon:
    Lee Consulting & Engineering Design, LLC
    ~ CAD design, steel fabrication & mill project construction
  • Frank Massey:
    WMATCO-Operations Manager
    ~ Experienced in managing plywood, stud, paper & sawmills; over 30 years of experience in sawmill management
  • Cleo McCutcheon:
    McCutcheon Consulting
    ~ Certified lumber grader with over 30 years of experience in grading; especially efficient in Japanese lumber exports
  • David New:
    Growing Excellence Inc.
    ~ Business improvement consulting & forestry management
  • Ludwig Rabold:
    Ludwig Rabold Grading & Mfg. Service
    ~ Lumber grading & mill processing optimization
  • Dan Smith:
    Smith Consulting
    ~ Electrical controls & PLC engineer
  • Tim Stiess:
    Stiess Consulting
    ~ "Designing the Executive's Dashboard" - Correlating supply chain information flow to enhanced ROI's in global markets
  • Mike Whalen:
    Whalen Consulting
    ~ Project management & mill supervisor

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