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Gordon Campbell

Gordon Campbell

Gordon L. Campbell Consulting

Advisory services in Optimizing Softwood and Hardwood Dry Kiln design and operations; Waste Water Treatment & Recycling; Electrical Power Generation and support services. Mr. Campbell brings over 30 years of experience as operations and consulting engineer in the hardwood and softwood industry.

Academic Trainings and Certifications

Boiler & steam engineering, Chemistry, Pulp & paper manufacturing, Electronics, Site Surveying, Waste water treatment, Asbestos identification, Combustion engineering boilers, Westinghouse electric turbine generators, Steam Engineer Unlimited License-Los Angeles, California Waste Water treatment Group II- Washington State.

He has served as operating engineer for Pacific Power and Light Company; Equity Partner in Ridgefield Forest Products LLC, Ridgefield, Washington; and consulting engineer with hands-on - make it work - experience with plant Dry Kilns, Boilers, Power Co-generation and Water Treatment / Recycling solutions.

His academic trainings and certifications include boiler & steam engineering, chemistry, pulp & paper manufacturing, electronics, site surveying and waste water treatment. Along with asbestos identification, he also has hands on trainings in combustion engineering boilers, Westinghouse electric turbine generators and holds steam Engineer Unlimited License in Los Angeles, California and the Waste Water Treatment Group II Certification from Washington State.

Professional Experience

Domestic and International Clients

Hawaii Island Hardwoods: Jim Quinn Company-Kailua Kona, Hawaii; Lenga Patagonia-Punta Arenas, Chile; Lenga Patagonia-Tierra de Fuego-Argentina; Trillium Corporation: Bellingham, Washington: Lenga Patagonia Chile, Argentina; Trillium Company / Oregon Lumber- Portland, Oregon (not associated with Bellingham or Chile-Argentina companies); Blazen & Blazen: Portland, Oregon; Carl Diebold Lumber: Troutdale, Oregon ; Colombia River Forest Products- St Helens, Oregon; Cone Lumber: Goshen, Oregon; Rainier Wood Products Inc.- Sweet Home, Oregon; Seaport Lumber: Raymond, Washington; Siletz Tribal Business-Toledo-Lincoln City, Oregon; Tiger Deck- Willisonville, Oregon; Westwood forest products: Everett, Washington; Woodward Company's -Prineville, Oregon. Belize, Central America

Kiln Species Expertise

Areas of specific expertise in construction, refurbishing, starting up and improving dry kiln operations include: Unique and Exotic hardwoods from Africa, Central and South America; Pacific Island woods and many North American species; Special unique R&D problem solving, drying projects including:

Alder red, Alumbi, Ash white Oregon, Balsamo Panama, Balsamo Peru, Birch Alaska, Canada, Cedar Port Orford, Cedar Western Red, Cedar Western Red-fish planks, Cedar Spanish, Cedar, ellow, Chak Te Koke, Cherry Brazilian, Cherry Western, Coigue Patagonia, Chickapin, Emien, Fir Douglas-lumber, Fir White, False Rosewood, Goncalo Alves: Tigerwood , Hemlock Western, Hem-Fir, Huayruro, Ipe, Jarrah, Jatoba, Jelutong, and Juniper-furniture.

Kele, Khaya, Larch Russian, Larch western, Lenga Patagonia, Limbali, Madrone pacific, Maple Big leaf, Mahogany African, Mahogany Honduras, Mahogany Sapele-Africa, Mahogany True, Mukulungu, Nargusta, Oak red, Oak white, Pine Angara Russian, Pine Ponderosa, Pine Ponderosa-Pine Lodgepole, Lodgepole-accent logs, house logs, furniture, Pine Scotts-Russian, Pine radiate, Pine western white, Pine yellow, Purple Heart, Red My Lady, Rosewood Brazilian, Santa Maria, Spruce Engelmann-instrument-Korea, Spruce Sitka-aviation, Spruce Sitka-instrument-Japan, Spruce Sitka-window-Italy, Sougue, Tali, Tamarack.