ATICA: Ian Lindsay
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Ian Lindsay

Ian Lindsay

Forest Opportunity Evaluation: Financial Optimization from the Forest to the Markets

Ian Lindsay brings over 30 years of experience in hardwoods and softwoods from both North and South America. As a Professional Forester, registered in Canada, Ian has experience in virtually every position in forestry from technical engineering work through to Regional Woodlands Manager leading a group of over 450 employees which harvested over 4,000,000 m3 annually. Those positions have provided him with a broad experiential knowledge base and a full understanding of the Forest Certification process (FSC and CLS).

Ian was Plant Manager of a 185,000,000 fbm pine-spruce-balsam specialty sawmill for five years. He was responsible for safety, maintenance, capital projects, labor relations, and all other aspects of the operation, which was in the top 10% of performers in Canada.

Subsequently, he was Area Manager of a 200,000,000 fbm pine-spruce-balsam specialty sawmill for an additional five years. In this role, Ian was responsible for all aspects of the operation including woodlands, the sawmill, planer, and shipping. In this important leadership position, he recruited and developed a management team who together, designed and implemented a strategic plan that resulted in the operation being one of the most successful in Canada.

Most recently, Ian has provided leadership in the South American region as the Vice-President for a large native hardwood operation in Argentina and a hardwood sawmill in Chile. Key aspects of this role included overseeing the management of 77,000 hectares of timber and grasslands, oversight of the manufacturing operation, and all aspects of marketing for a new hardwood species into the marketplace.

As a result of his broad practical experience, Ian is well-equipped to provide direct service, or recommendations regarding leadership, training, strategic plan development, operation optimization, marketing, and many other aspects of a forestry operation.