ATICA: Ludwig Rabold
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Ludwig Rabold

Ludwig Rabold

Hardwood & Softwood Grading & Manufacturing QC Assurances Services

Ludwig Rabold brings over 40 years of experience and internationally recognized skills to the advisory group With his superb knowledge, reputation and ability to evaluate quality assurance and improve through-put profitability, he is frequently called upon by mills, manufacturers and wholesale companies worldwide to counsel and assist them with I) employee training & processing practices; II) grade & value yields and III) customer satisfaction & market development.

Professional Experience

Mr. Rabold served as Inspection Supervisor for the Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau overseeing monthly mill grade inspections in softwood and hardwood operations in Alaska, Oregon and Washington. The Western Hardwood Association (WHA) recruited and contracted with him to conduct the Western Hardwood grading course.

With PLIB, he provided service to member mills as supervisor under Export R-List Rules, WCLIB in all grades and inspected species such as Douglas Fir, Hem-Fir, Western Red & Yellow Cedar and Sitka Spruce. Inspection of mills producing White Pine and Ponderosa Pine under WWPA Rules primarily Moulding; Shop and Commons and Western Hardwood mills per NHLA Standard grading in Alder, Maple, Western Birch and Aspen.

Abbreviated Client List

USA Softwood
South Coast Lumber-WCLB & Export R List; Fred Tebb & Sons-WCLIB & Export R-List; Shop; Clear; other specialties; Great Western-WCLIB Rules Dimension & Timbers; Manke Lumber-WCLIB Rules Dimension & Timbers; RFP Mfg. Red Cedar remanufacturing Portac Inc.-WCLB Rule; Zip O-Log Mill-Timbers and Export Clear R-List & WCLB

Canada Softwood
Westwood Forest Pr. Inc.; Tembec Inc. and J. D. Irving LTD-White Pine on WWPA Rule

USA Hardwood
WHA Western Hardwood Association; Camas; WA; Cascade Hardwood-Alder & Maple; Washington Alder-Alder & Maple; Heron Forest Products-Alder & Maple; Northwest Hardwood-Alder & Maple; Kinzua Resources and The Collins Company-Hybrid Poplar; SeaPort Lumber Co.-Alder

Canada & International Hardwood
Forintek Canada Corp.-Aspen & Birch; BC Wood Specialties Group- Alder, Maple & Birch; Trillium Corp-Lenga in Patagonia Region of Chile; Oceanside Wood Products BC.- Alder & Maple; Jemico Enterprise BC-Alder & Maple; Shannon Lumber Ltd