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Richard Loew

Richard Loew

Richard Loew Consulting

Richard received his Bachelor of Science (Wood Science) from the School of Natural Resources, University of California at Berkeley with a minor in in Business Administration with subsequent studies in Manufacturing and Statistical Process Controls from Oregon State University.

He is a member of the American Wood Preservation Association; 12 year member of Forest Products Research Society (FPRS) and was appointed to American Wood Council as a company representative, Technical Issues in 1987.

Professional Experience

Consultant: Beck Group, Tigard, OR - Forest Products Consultants

  • Clients include Fortune 500 to small domestic and international wood based enterprises
  • Performed market analysis, conducted surveys, & trend analysis for the Washington State Dept. of Economic Development Council for bi-products in all state forests, wood products operations, and overall log production throughout the State
  • Analyzed 48 forest product companies P&L data to benchmark collective performance comparisons, competitive assessment projects
  • Business benchmarking assessments focused on customer satisfaction, process measurement analytics, best business practices, etc.
  • Oversaw various qualitative and quantitative testing projects, i.e., time and motion, conversion center yields, de-grade tests and log studies

Consultant: Independent, Vancouver, WA

  • Independent consultant to CEO of Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Company
  • Conducted timber and resource study on company land to determine feasibility and market potential of resource conversion
  • Consulted several small companies seeking remedy to escalating costs and reduced profit margins
  • Market supply-demand-pricing consultations, time & motion studies, financial feasibility analysis and reporting

Vice President of Manufacturing, Greenwood Products, Inc., Lake Oswego, OR

  • Collaborative hands-on partnerships between producers & customers while delivering Industrial Products to OEMs across the country. Work across all levels of Owners Superintendents, QC, and Plant Managers
  • Drove facilities to higher QA compliance with 116%production increases over prior 3 years
  • Responsible for on time with zero defects reducing frequency of claims by 28 %
  • Worked with appropriate 3rd party testing & inspection agencies, chemical vendors to assure guideline standards compliance
  • Treated wood advances and conversions to environmentally friendly chemicals
  • Spearheaded testing and development of new technology in drying utilizing vacuum chambers
  • Established and monitored guidelines in testing for glues, adhesives, laminates, & edge sealers in order to maintain quality demands needed for customers satisfaction

Production & Process Engineer for Quality Control, L-P Corp (Western Division), Samoa, CA

  • Conducted stream turbidity surveys in Redwood Creek drainage, now part of Redwood National Forest in California
  • Conducted seminars for management during a 3-year period, identified $ 13.3 million in production & quality gains
  • Produced 7.25% production efficiency increase through development of a $3,000,000 employee incentive plan covering 13 plants and 2,800 employees
  • Tutored 15 licensed foresters (for 6 month periods) in lumber value from standing trees explaining grade recovery, product mix, and value optimization for ROI

Boiler and Dry Kiln Supervisor, Cal-Tex Lumber Company, Nacogdoches, TX

  • Ran 3 Boilers (2 wood, waste-fired, 1 natural gas) and 5 dry kilns (3 steam, 2 direct-fired)
  • Improved $ 400,000 value recovery by assessing and designing protocol for optimal drying schedules