ATICA: Stacy Carhart
ATICA: Affiliated Timber Investment Conversion Advisors, Inc.
Stacy Carhart

Stacy Carhart

T&L Enterprising, LLC

T&L Enterprising, LLC specializes in the state-of-the art automation and modernization of electrical and hydraulic systems in the lumber and wood products industry including hardwood and softwood sawmills. Our company employs over 30 electrical/hydraulic technicians and support staff and takes pride in our ability to scale our staff to work within the time, budget and operating needs of our clients.

Our competencies include a variety of industries having complex installation requirements allowing us to specialize in installations for the timber and wood products industry including power distribution systems, low voltage control systems and, through our affiliate design and install programmable controller interface systems for a wide variety of machine processes including ladder logic programmable controllers.

Design, Engineering & Construction: Over US $400MM in Successful Projects:

  • PORT ANGELES HARDWOOD: Complete Sawmill, Sander, Boiler, Kilns, 2005-06
  • STIMSON LUMBER: Planer Mill, 2003; Power Distribution 2004, Trimmer, Sorter and Stacker, 2005
  • SIMPSON TIMBER COMPANY: Planer, Sawmill, Power Cable and Kilns, 2000
  • POTLATCH CORP.: Modernization of Sawmill: Planer, chip bins, chippers, switchgear, baghouse: 1996
  • POTLATCH CORP. New Edger/Trimmer Line: 2003; High-grade Planer Mill, 13.8 Substation & low voltage, 2004
  • POTLATCH CORP. Complete Control system for bag house; Grecon Spark Detection, 2004
  • WEST COAST INDUSTRIES: CIPP-Debarker, Log Merchandiser: 2006
  • WILLAMETTE INDUSTRIES: Dallas Oregon: Sorter & Edger: 2001; Lebanon Oregon: Planer Mill: 2001
  • YAKAMA FOREST: Transformer Primary Installation, Complete Planermill
  • YAKAMA FOREST: Complete Sawmill; Large Log Mill, Dry Kilns, Boiler: 2005; 1st Boiler, Kilns 2002, HEWSAW 1998
  • BOISE CASCADE: New Coe Dry Kiln installation // MARY'S RIVER LUMBER: Trimmer, 50 Bin Sorter, Stacker System
  • FORT APACHE TIMBER CO.: Hi-Voltage installation, feeders
  • PYRAMID MTN LUMBER INC.: Small Log End-Dogger: 2006; Board Edger and Curve Sawing Gang Edger: 2001
  • CAFFALL BROS, FOREST PRODUCTS: Dust System, Planer, Sawmill, Waste System, Cedar Mill to Stud Mill Conversion
  • RILEY CREEK CHILCO: Planer, Kilns, Boiler, VSS Sharpchain, Double-Length Infeed, Sorter, Stacker System
  • BENNETT LUMBER COMPANY: New Sawmill Complex
  • TIMBERLINE ERECTORS/HAMPTON: Installation of the Coe Newnes/McGehee Trimmer; Optimizer System
  • WILKINS, KAISER & OLSEN, LLC: New Trimmer, 50 Bin Sorter, Stacker Line
  • ROSBORO LUMBER: Trimmer, Sorter, Stacker: 2002; Trimmer, Sorter, Stacker: 2007
  • FINLEY BIOENGERGY LLC: Land fill gas generation plant // MONTANA ORE MINERALS CORP.: Water treatment plant
  • INTERFOR PACIFIC: Chop saw system & Planer In feed, Double-Length Infeed, 2007
  • WELLONS: Kilns and Boiler