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Scott Emmert

Scott Emmert

SawPro, Inc.

Mr. Scott Emmert was born and raised in a beautiful wooded setting in Western Montana, USA. With over 32 years in the Sawfiling profession, the expertise and knowledge he has offered the timber industry spans four different continents while trouble shooting, coaching, training and development of Sawfiling crews literally all around the globe.

Over the last 11 years, his company has grown to include over 200 long term and highly satisfied customers. His experience varies from cutting Eucalyptus in Brazil, Radiata Pine in South Africa and numerous diverse hardwood and softwood mills across Europe, Canada and the USA.

He is well known as a pioneer in the development of vari-pitch bandsaws in the early nineties, continues to research new and improved methodologies and has been instrumental in supporting both retro improvements as well as new sawmill startups.

Professional Experience


  • Abalon Hardwood GbmH - A-7561 Heilogen Kreuz im Lafnitztal, Austria and Germany
  • Boskor Corporation - Klienbos, South Africa
  • Klenk Holz SAS - Zone Industrrielle et Portuaire Germany/ France
  • Scierie Dion - Quebec Canada
  • Aracruz Productos de Madeira S.A. - Posta da Mata, Nova Viscosa, BA- Brazil
  • Tolko Lumber Industries - The Pas Manitoba, Canada


  • Roseburg Forest Products- Oregon
  • California Redwood Company - Korbel, California
  • Yakama Forest Products - White Swan, Washington
  • Parton Lumber Company - Rutherfordton, North Carolina
  • RBM Lumber - Columbia Falls, Montana
  • Coastal Hardwoods - Hopwood, Pennsylvania /Potlatch Corporation Lewiston, Idaho
  • Stimson Lumber Co. - Priest River, Idaho
  • Martco Partnership - Morrow, Louisiana
  • Irving Forest Products - Dixfield, Maine
  • Interfor Pacific Corp. - Port Angeles, Washington