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Timothy Stiess

Timothy Stiess, PhD.

Tim Stiess Consulting

Timothy Stiess received his Bachelor of Science - Wood Products Engineering from State University of New York - College of Environmental Science and Forestry in association with Syracuse University; his Master of Science - Wood Science and Forest Products from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and in 2010 received Ph.D in Wood Science and Forest Products from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University upon the completion of his dissertation "Information Sharing In The Hardwood Supply Chain."

Dr. Stiess extensive experience in the industry includes the following:

Graduate Research Assistant/Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Primary research involves supply chain communications/information flow.
  • Taught two classes, manufacturing and business for the Wood Products dept.
  • Sloan Forest Industries Center, team research projects for industry members.

Aracruz Celulose - Aracruz, Espirito Santos, Brazil & GLC Lumber Production Consulting, LLC - Redmond, OR

  • Built Forecasting Models for production and marketing utilization.
  • Liaison between Brazilian Company and Sawmill Equipment Suppliers during installation, start-up, and initial operations.
  • Produce operation-training documents for Forestry and Sawmill companies.
  • Trained Brazilian personnel in areas of Lumber Drying, Wood Tech.; Start-up supervision and coordinating

Technical Project Process Coordinator
Gutchess International, Inc. - Bend, OR

  • Assisted in the design, purchase and installation of Dry Kilns.
  • Produced Technical Manuals for operation of Sawmill equipment.
  • Performed Market Research for new product development.

Production Systems Analyst / Workshop Developer
Robert C. Byrd Hardwood Technology Center - Princeton, WV

  • Developed, marketed, and headed the rough mill simulation consulting service, MaxSIMizer Pro, offered at the Center. Investigated potential profit increases based on new equipment, raw material, and/or production objectives.
  • Headed the development of new classes/workshops/seminars. Included scheduling, planning, and coordinating courses and taught wood technology.
  • Other duties included information specialist, publications, presentations to associations, and assistance with sales and marketing.

Analyst - Graduate Research Asst.
USDA Forest Service / Virginia Tech - Blacksburg, VA

  • Programmer - Developed flexible rough mill simulation programs that were used as consulting tools at the Robert C. Byrd Hardwood Technology Center. Included plant investigations, seminars, and simulation program evaluations.
  • Graduate Research Assistant under Asst. Professor D.E. Kline - Hardwood Manufacturing Studies - Primary work in technology transfer from other industries to the hardwood furniture industry.


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