ATICA: Affiliated Timber Investment Conversion Advisors, Inc.

Current Projects

Creating Opportunities via Debt & Equity Financing

  • Typical Project Contextual Background

    Since Atica's beginning we have continually been asked to assist lumber brokers and mill operators to assess the opportunity-to-risk operating profiles and the likelihood of them raising new funds for new technological upgrades and/or expansion. Being prepared before opportunities present themselves is akin to having a line of credit on standby, just in case.

    More and more we see log and lumber resources correlating directly with globally traded market trends. And due to recent market pressures from Japan and China as well as the political-socio and environmental forces, management not only needs to be alert to opportunities but also needs to be financially prepared to seize opportunities when they are presented. Agility is no longer an option.

  • Project Scope

    Atica's most recent projects, covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming, has had Atica engaged to provide risk-opportunity, due diligence assessments leading to the delivery of pro forma profit and cash flow - Risk-To-Reward Simulation Probabilities relating to:

    • Market Sensitivity Assessments - Local and international market competitive price demand trends
    • Resource Availability Assessments - Timber resourcing merchandising and logistics
    • Mill Acquisition & Turnaround - Three current mill conversion assessments
    • Co-Generation - Assess feedstock and financial feasibility of new co-generation facility
    • 12,000 Acre Pellet Plantation - Seek financing for pellet production facilities for EU markets
    • Collaborative Mentorship - Native American Stewardship contracting with the US Forest Service