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Trinchera Ranch

Resource Assessment & Micro Mill Pro forma Financial Feasibility Study

  • Project Background

    Trinchera Ranch of Ft. Garland Colorado has engaged Atica to evaluate the small scale production of lumber (Micro Mill Feasibility Assessment) from the ranch's timber resources as part of an integrated forest health improvement biomass utilization project.

    Trinchera Ranch is a privately owned property which is one of Colorado's largest private forest owners. During the last twenty years the near cessation of harvesting of Federal forests has decimated the forest industry within the timber market region leaving the ranch with very limited timber markets at a time they are seeking to increase and improve upon their wildlife habitat and restoration forest management.

  • Project Scope

    Problem Opportunity Assessment: To define what are the profitably viable and sustainable lumber and integrated energy alternatives for the ranch's available timber resources?

    Pro forma Micro Mill Simulation Study: Atica has recently completed a strategic level assessment of (I) the timber resource potential (II) most profitable lumber markets and (III) a concept level sawmill, boiler and dry kiln design cost and returns models for the client. This assessment included an evaluation of this timber resource sustainability to produce high value Japanese lumber products.

    Resource Assessment: In addition Atica has completed a forest operations review which has thus far identified a number of timber harvesting process improvements to reduce the potential cost of biomass production and reduce successful reforestation costs.

  • Project Implementation - In Process

    Atica anticipates supporting our client in moving to the next assessment level to undertake an Atica Class 10 mill design, construction, training and ramp up at a later date as integrated with appropriate and workable marketing and sales practices.