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Log decking in Deschutes Canyon

Atica/Lee Consulting headrig project

Atica/Lee Consulting headrig project

Atica designed double-cut filing room 2010

Atica - Large Log Mill, Board Edger, EDLF (logs) and Morgan Resaw project (counter-flow)

Atica/Lee Consulting cogen project

Atica designed container stuffing system

Cut-in-two lengths project

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ATICA project: Morgan Resaw, to split (saw) double 90mm & 105mm into squares. Now processing approximately 8,000 board feet per hour [64,000/shift] of these every day when cutting douglas & hem fir

Mt. Jefferson with Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation


Warm Springs Forest Products Industries

Headrig Double-Cut Conversion & Optimization Upgrade

  • Project Background

    Atica has been engaged since July 2008 by Vanport International of Boring, Oregon ( to provide operations management and technical oversight for their leased sawmill operation at Warm Springs Forest Products Industries [WSFPI] in Warm Springs, Oregon.

    Warm Springs is noted for its east-side fine-grained Douglas Fir which is highly prized in the Japanese Export market when processed into Squares [Moya & Hashira], Sidecuts [Sujikai], and Dimension [Genban]. Atica Affiliates have provided design solutions, engineering, CAD drawings, project management, fabrication & installation, commissioning, and system start-up training on a multitude of process enhancements and major capital improvements which have elevated WSFPI into the premier producer of high-value Japanese Squares in North America.

  • Project Scope

    Headrig Double-cut Conversion & Optimization Upgrade

    Problem Assessment: Replacement of antiquated and poorly maintained log carriage equipment which was unable to hold precision sawing tolerances. Replace 1970's vintage log scanning system and improve conversion yields. Total projected capital cost is $868,731.

    Atica formulated the project scope, implementation timetable, and financial proformas and made the presentation to the WSFPI Board of Directors receiving approval in July 2010. Design attributes cited were;

    • Increase throughput efficiency by utilizing the Double-cut capability
    • Increase lumber recovery yields by utilizing the improved scanning & optimization
    • Improve [reduce] size related defects on finished goods, utilizing the new carriage knees & board dogs

    Construction was completed on October 3, 2010 and the system has demonstrated acceptable compliance with all original design criteria.

    (Original) Values
    Projected Improvement
    (New) Values
    Projected Gain
    DF-Yield (Overrun)88.790.72.3%
    HF-Yield (Overrun)87.689.62.3%
    PP-Yield (Overrun)
    DF-Reduce Defects-120 Square0.80%2.00%81.5%
    DF-Reduce Defects-105 Square5.40%1.00%81.5%
  • Project Results

    Actual performance relating to improved yields and accuracy were evident immediately. Aggregate performance data collected in the 6-months subsequent to startup reveal the following;

    Attribute2011 YTDActual Gain over Pre-Project estimateVariance over/under estimate
    HF-Seconds/log 79.221.9%10.8%
    PP-Seconds/log 112.829.9%37.4%
    DF-Yield (Overrun)91.32.9%30.0%
    HF-Yield (Overrun)92.13.1%35.8%
    PP-Yield (Overrun)96.51.4%30.0%
    DF-Reduce Defects-120 Square1.30%88.0%8.0%
    DF-Reduce Defects-105 Square0.65%88.0%8.0%

Warm Springs Forest Products Industries