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ifrp1 The Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership invited Atica's Chairman and President to speak before an enthusiastic group of professional collaborative organizers, foresters, mill operators, etc. The conference - held in Boise, Idaho January 31 - February 1, 2012 was composed of a two day session.


ifrp2 January 31 - "Making Collaborative Forest Restoration Work in Idaho."

The workshop was designed to offer practical tools for collaborators to use when working in forests that employ a mixed-severity fire regime, including those dominated by grand fir, western hemlock, western red cedar and subalpine fir. While these forest types comprise nearly 3/4 of all National Forests in Idaho, stakeholders struggle to reach consensus on management need and treatment methods.
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ifrp3 Gary discusses Japanese
"Best Business Practices" requirements.
February 1 - "From Forest to Market - The Potential Roles of Biomass Energy and Wood Products in Supporting Forest Restoration"

Organized by the Society of American Foresters Snake River Chapter and Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership, the conference's speakers addressed methods to capture the economic value of the wood products produced by forest restoration. The target audience included land management agency staff, timber industry managers, local government and community representatives, and conservationists.

Mr. Gary Cantrell - the second speaker on the agenda was asked to speak to the subject of "Realizing Export Lumber Opportunities - Strategic Timber Resource and Infrastructure Factors required for Asian Export Lumber manufacturing."
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ifrp4 Day 2 is a packed house.

The Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership was formed to help strengthen collaborative forest restoration efforts across Idaho. The partners have agreed to support four principles in a common vision for our forests:

  1. Strategic forest restoration is essential to address the current challenges posed by uncharacteristic wildfire, insects, disease and climate change.
  2. Active management is needed to restore their resiliency.
  3. A healthy forest industry is a necessary part of a restoration to offset restoration costs and provide jobs.
  4. Collaborative groups can provide useful advice and recommendations through cooperation between citizens, including interest groups, elected officials, and public land managers.

ifrp5 Carlton Owen, President & CEO of U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities serving as Key Note speaker.
ifrp6 End of Conference
David New Moderates Panel Discussions.


September 1, 2010

Biochar Conference 1

Dr. Laércio Couto - Guest Speaker on Opening Panel

IBI and EMBRAPA are pleased to announce the 3rd International Biochar Conference: IBI 2010, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, September 12 - 15, 2010. We expect the conference to be the largest international biochar conference to date and are building the agenda and the activities on the past two international conferences as well as the excellent regional and national biochar conferences of the past few years.

MONDAY, September 13 8:00-9:30: Opening, Salão Itaipú

Session Chair: Etelvino Novotny, Embrapa

  • Laércio Couto: Brazilian Network of Biomass for Energy (RENABIO)
  • Debbie Reed: IBI Executive Director
  • Etelvino Novotny: Chair of the Organizing Committee, Embrapa
  • Bill McKibben: Author, environmentalist and
Biochar Conference 2


June 1, 2010

Couto Award

Brazilian Sênior Consultant of Atica wins award in Sweden

For Immediate Release

World Bioenergy 2010 - Conference & Exhibition
Date: 25 May 2010 - 27 May 2010
Location: Jönköping

"Taking you from know-how to show-how!"

Organized every second year, this major global bio-energy get-together is based on the unique "Taking you from Know-How to Show-How" concept, combining conference sessions, actual in the field excursions and tradeshow into one comprehensive event. This way academic research and development blends along with hands-on commercial application experience providing an enriched business context from which sustainable progress is nurtured.

Biomass for Energy
This year Professor Laércio Couto and Atica's Senior Brazilian Affiliate was nominated and received the annual recognition and reward for his innovative research on short rotation eucalyptus in Brazil; for working with industry to implement the "show how" use of eucalyptus - in high density contexts; for short rotation plantations within agro forestry systems ... all leading to the efficient production of biomass for energy.

Couto Award 1

He has served as the Brazilian Team Leader to the IEA's Bioenergy Task 30 on Short Rotation Crops. He also founded the Brazilian Network of Biomass for Energy (RENABIO), and began "hands on" research in 2003 to determine the optimal planting densities for short rotation eucalyptus for bioenergy. A significant portion of new eucalyptus plantings established primarily for biomass energy will utilize either the agro forestry or the high density planting technologies developed by Dr. Laércio Couto.

Couto Award 2

Dr. Laércio was also a key strategic team member in working with Atica's President, Mr. Gary Cantrell in designing, constructing and managing the start-up of the first Eucalyptus mill in Brazil, currently owned and operated in part with Weyerhaeuser.

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