ATICA: Affiliated Timber Investment Conversion Advisors, Inc.

Maintenance 1

Atica affiliate "hands-on" preventative maintenance and retrofit work on a carriage in Brazil for a Eucalyptus mill.

Maintenance 2

We completely dismantled transported and reassembled the Smokey Point Sawmill initially located near Marysville, WA. The entire Headrig system with controls, Carriage & Rail, (Shown Below), Filing Room equipment, Wastewood Chipper, Gang Edger, Log Bucking Saw & Cabin Motor Control Centers, Chip Bins, and hundreds of components were refurbished by us and installed at the Port Angeles Hardwood Greenfield project.

Maintenance 3

Maintenance 4

Gary Logsdon reviewing specs with Gary Cantrell for production line retrofit at Warms Springs Indian Reservation.

Sawmill Operations &
Process Enhancements

Examples of What Can Atica Do for You.

Dismantle & Relocate Sawmills & Projects

Sierra-Pacific: Lincoln, California USA ~ 1992-1993:

In 1992 we dismantled the Bohemia, Inc. Large Log Sawmill in Grass Valley, California, salvaged and refurbished all the log haul conveyors, lumber transfers, and roll-cases and utilized them in the US$13,400,000 upgrade of the Lincoln Division Sawmill. Gary Cantrell managed this project. The completed project produces in excess of 145,000,000BF/yr on 2 shifts of high quality softwood lumber in Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine and Incense Cedar.

Primorskii Dok: E. Siberia, Russia ~ 1994:

In 1994 Gary Cantrell dismantled in its entirety the Gutchess’ Lumber Company Sawmill #2 in Cortland, NY, shipped it to Eugene, OR to Reliable Fabrication & Renewal where an Atica affiliate, Mr. Gary Logsdon managed the entire upgrading and refurbishing of the equipment. This equipment was destined for the Primorskii Dok Hardwood Lumber mill in Dalnerinchensk, E. Siberia. This mill was never completed as the Russian joint-venture partnership dissolved due to legal-political reasons and the equipment was then sold at auction. This mill was intended to produce 18,000,000BF/yr of quality hardwood lumber.

Port Angeles Hardwood: Olympic Peninsula, Washington State USA ~ 2005-2006:

We completely dismantled the Smokey Point Sawmill near Marysville, WA. The entire Headrig system with controls, Carriage & Rail, Filing Room equipment, Wastewood Chipper, Gang Edger, Log Bucking Saw & Cabin, Motor Control Centers, Chip Bins, and hundreds of components were refurbished by us and installed in the Port Angeles Hardwood Greenfield project.

Gary Cantrell, Atica President was the Project General Manager, Gary Logsdon was the Construction Manager.

Dismantling 1
Dismantling 2Dismantling 3

Smokey Point Carriage: before

Same Carriage: after
First Log at PAH

Port Angeles Hardwood (PAH) produces the highest quality Western Red Alder lumber and has an annual 2-shift capacity of 36,000,000BF.

The Next Step

To gain insight into how we assist our clients to pre-define:

Phase I: The Go~No~Go ... Big Picture assessment, and then and then only...

Phase II: The detailed, step~by~step process in making strategically wise and financially prudent decision...

Millwrights & Preventative Maintenance

Our Mission

Atica's preventative maintenance services focus on three measurable and deliverable objectives:

  1. Reduce the personnel, property and financial risks,
  2. Increase operating profits and ...
  3. Minimize costs and lost cash flow resulting from unscheduled mill shut downs.

Through the use of common sense accounting, we all readily recognize that sawmill operating costs and cash flow impacts resulting from unscheduled shutdowns are very expensive. In the table provided below one can quickly determine where one's mill is currently at with respect to the Sales per hour and Costs per hour that are mutually at risk with unscheduled shutdowns. (Adjust to and fill in the blanks using your mill's specific metrics)

Costs Per Hour Downtime
% Total
Per Hour
Log Costs
Conversion Costs
Break Even Sales

Common Sense, Best Business Practice

In our experience, there is no better, faster or easier way to improve the bottom line of operations than to make sure that safety and maintenance is priority #1 throughout the entire sawmill. It's not just moral, humane and ethical; it also produces an incredible marginal ROI while also slashing your legal and financial risks.

Our Process


Although each and every client's situation will vary, the typical process can be understood within a 6 step evaluation checkup as follows:

  1. Off site call to Atica to discuss a possible Opening Interview with management. Note: Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreements are recommended and provided.
  2. On site evaluation of the maintenance staff.
  3. On site evaluation of any existing maintenance program.
  4. On site evaluation of maintenance personal including testing.
  5. On site evaluation & summary report of sawmill facility.
  6. On site evaluation follow up of integrated improvement progress.

- Client defined needs sets time requirement -

Our Deliverable Commitment

Our commitment to you is to guarantee "readily recognizable value" for each and every engagement we accept. That is our promise.

What We Have Produced

Initiating Design, Fabrication and Construction of Steel Structures, Components & Support Systems:

New Greenfield Hardwood Sawmill facility; Port Angeles, Washington; New Sawmill - Yakama Forest Product; White Swan, Washington; Greenfield Sawmill, Kiln and Planer; South Bahia, Brazil; Crown Pacific Forest Product; Gilchrist, Oregon - US $3.6 Million Rosboro Lumber Company; Disassemble from Weyerhaeuser Lumber, two Laminated Veneer Lumber Systems; Springfield Oregon; 40,600 Sq Ft Planer Building - Hampton Associates; Darrington, Washington; Plywood Veneer Mill upgrade - DAW Forest Product; Redmond Oregon - US $3.4M; EDLF Line and 3-Story Metal Building - Pyramid Mountain Lumber Inc; Seeley Lake, Montana; Filing Room and Misc. Equipment - Tilt Up Concrete Buildings - Ordell Construction; Eugene, Oregon; Project Manager Industrial & Sawmill Equipment Repairs - Reliable Fabrication & Renewal; Springfield, Oregon.