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ATICA's Division
Forest Plantation & Timberlands

Our Mission

As forestry consultants, this division's primary focus is to provide tree forestry and related services that enable our client's to "excel in their risk adjusted rate of returns" in the areas of both timberland hardwood and softwood productivity yields.

For hardwood plantation and softwood plantation forestry investors, and operators we offer world class organizations: I) Forest and plantation enterprise planning, II) Silvi-cultural assessments, III) Property valuations, IV) Proprietary log grading, V) Supply chain yield analysis on both resource utilization & marketing effectiveness, and VI) Organizational development (OD) consulting services.

Our Process

A typical incoming call from a forestry investor or those in forestry services are looking to either solve a problem or create an opportunity. Typically we are asked if we are able to:

  • Answer a set of specific questions relating to forestry insights including tree forestry practices, forestry business modeling and timber marketing and management issues.
  • Assist them in producing a working business simulation model that delivers both: A) Project feasibility reports and B) Financing packages (debt and equity)
  • Provide them with one of our client self-diagnostic assessment instruments enabling them to zero in on and initiate their own organizational change process.

After the initial phone contact, for some signing a non disclosure agreement is mutually advisable.

Our Deliverable Commitment

For each and every client's engagement the projects: I) Specific deliverables and II) Output metrics will uniquely vary from client to client.

Atica's affiliate role is to assist our clients to continually focus upon and improve their risk adjusted rates of return which includes: A) increasing productive conversion unit profits while B) reducing the costs of risk including cash-to-cash conversion cycles.

For example, some of the specific assignments and deliverables Atica's affiliates have produced over the years include the following:

What We Have Produced

  • Genetics, silvi-culture and timber research and development at the university labs and field testing sites.
  • Documented success in large scale North American and Southern Hemisphere hardwood plantation and softwood plantation management.
  • Philosophies with practical hands-on approaches to all levels of forestry service business planning that are keenly rooted on a deep understanding of global wood products supply chain markets.
  • $US 3.0 billion of experience in timber marketing and management processes including specific methodologies of assessing, buying and selling timberlands.
  • Experienced facilitators in the use of Decision Quality Project Planning and Organizational Project Engagement and Alignment.
  • Practical and hands on approach to assessing, educating and training a clients professional staff in tree forestry management.
  • Collaborating to bring the most appropriate timber industry consulting resources together to meet our client's current tactical and strategic long-term needs.
  • International, multicultural awareness, sensitivity and experience of all Atica affiliates.
  • Over thirty years of experience with effective tools in developing "continual learning", "high performing" forest and plantation management organizations.
  • Design of a low cost hardwood plantation "just in time" production thinning / harvesting protocols and systems.
  • Due diligence and valuation of over 120,000 acres of timberlands properties in Oregon, Washington and Northern California for a conservation fund investors.
  • Selling and purchasing over 3.4 million acres of forests and Eucalyptus plantations for a major US forest Products Company throughout US and in Rio Grande de Sul in Brazil.
  • On the ground management of the operations associated with over 400,000 hectares of Radiata Pine, Eucalyptus, and Douglas Fir plantations in New Zealand, Chile and Australia.
  • Business management of advanced Radiata Pine and temperate Eucalyptus clonal nursery production.
  • Since 2000 design and management of a major wood supply assessments in Southern Oregon, Western Louisiana, Idaho, Southern Brazil and Region X and XI of Chile.
  • Re-design of the Idaho Department of Lands total business planning processes to meet new Land Board Asset management objectives. Included in this project was the first time valuation of all timber and land asset metrics.
  • Consulting support of the Idaho Department of Lands two year initiative to educate all agency staff on organizational change and more effective work teams.
  • Provide the USAID as a client logistics and educational reconstruction support to the major private voluntary organization engaged in tsunami reconstruction in Aceh, Indonesia.